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This crystal kit contains the following:

1 ceramic elephant bowl 4.75" x 4.75" x 2"

1 piece Clear Quartz

1 piece Amethyst

1 piece sodalite

1 piece of Rose Quartz

1 piece of Citrine

1 piece of Tigers Eye

1 piece Smokey Quartz

1 information tag


Meanings of stone for each Chakra

Crown: Clear Quartz: universal source, amplifies vibration of other crystals

Third Eye: Amethyst:Intuition & spiritual awareness

Throat: Sodalite:Communication,clarity,truth & self expression

Heart: Rose Quartz:Love,compassion & emotion

Soloar Plexus: Citrine:Ambition,intellect,personal power & protection

Sacral: Tigers Eye:Creativity,cleansing & emotion

Root: Smokey Quartz: Protection, grounding,stability & willpower

Palo Santo: Is called "Holy Wood" from a mystical tree in South America.Its used for its cleansing and healing properties.


Remember to program and cleanse your crystal for your best connection.

All crystals are natural formarion so may vary in size ,shape & colour.


Warning:Do not leave Palo Santo burning in dish at any time.


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