Life Loves You Cards

A 52-card deck with positive affirmations and empowering thoughts that support personal growth and transformation, from best-selling authors Louise Hay and Robert Holden
  • About the deck


    LIFE LOVES YOU CARDS, like their book, explore the deeper meaning and practical application of Louise's signature affirmation, Life loves you.
    Each of the 52 cards contains an affirmation to practice on one side and on the other, an inspiring message to encourage self-inquiry and positive action. Among the affirmations:
    - I dedicate today to love
    - I live in a friendly universe
    - I trust that life wants the best for me
    - I listen to the wisdom of my body
    - I choose to live with ease
    - I follow my joy
    As an example, the card for the affirmation Life loves you contains the following explanatory text on the reverse side:
    Life loves us all. Look at yourself in a mirror. Breathe in and say,
    "Life loves me." As you breathe out, smile. Repeat ten times.
    The card deck is designed to be consulted in many different ways: as an oracle, perhaps, or a focus for the day or week, or to provide guidance on a specific issue. However the cards are used, the authors say, they all demonstrate the transforming power of love.