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Manify your inner self comes with:

1 ceramic cat dish 4.5" x4.5"

1 piece Peach Moonstone

1 piece Sunstone

1 piece of Clear Quartz

1 piece of Carnelian

1 piece of Palo Santo

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Crystal Meanings:

Peach Moonstone:A gentle & soothing stone, helps in connection with higher realms.A women's

stone for fertility & love.

Sunstone: Clears & energizes the Chakras, good nature,hieghtens intuition,lets your real self arise.

Alleviates stress & increases vitality.

Clear Quartz: Magnifies the vibration of other stones, clears the mind of negativity.

Carnelian: Good luck ,prosperity,passion in relationships,success in career & personal matters as well as assisiting in courage & vitality.

Palo Santo: Is called "Holy Wood" from a mystical tree in South America.Its used for its cleansing and healing properties.


Remember to program and cleanse your crystal for your best connection.All crystals are natural formation so may vary in size ,shape & colour.


Warning:Do not leave Palo Santo burning in dish at any time.


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